Jodi Nicholson 
~ Fabulous Life & Business Coach, Consultant & Mentor ~ 

Let's Make Your Personal & Professional Ambitions Extraordinary!

Do you need assistance with publishing,
writing, designing or editing your book? 

Then let Jodi guide the way!
She is a 3x best selling author and shares
her expertise and strategies with you.
Jodi offers an impressive track record and
has worked with clients internationally to
assist them in becoming a published author,
securing best seller status in print & kindle,
and becoming a recognized leading authority
in their career field and brand specialty.

Jodi Nicholson
T: 1.888.689.1130 or 813.444.7078


Live Fabulously!


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Jodi Nicholson with Tony Robbins at Business Mastery Las Vegas, NV

Jodi Nicholson & Good Life Tampa Bay Host ... H. John Mejia

Jodi Nicholson & Chet Holmes

Jodi Nicholson & Patty Aubrey

Jodi Nicholson & Les Brown
Mastering the Art of Success

Jodi Nicholson &
Brendon Burchard

Jodi Nicholson & Kim Britzman

Jodi Nicholson & Beau Henderson
RichLife Advisors

Jodi Nicholson, Prince &
Mrs. Sandra Deal
Georgia's First Lady

Jodi Nicholson & her sister ...
Dr. Deborah Britzman
with Doug Whittle of BC Canada

with Liani Chaouli

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Hugs with Lisa Nichols "The Secret"

Jodi Nicholson celebrating with ABC's Secret Millionaire
James Malinchak and Robin Leach
Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous!

Jodi Nicholson, Jack Canfield, Success Principles
Kevin Klimowski, Jack Canfield & Jodi Nicholson

James Malinchak, Jodi Nicholson & Kevin Klimowski

Jodi & Kevin with Tony Hsieh
Founder of Zappos

Noah St. John & Jodi Nicholson

Kevin & Jodi with dynamic speaker Jonathan Sprinkles

Jodi Nicholson & Mark Victor Hansen

It's Okay To Be Fabulous with
James Malinchak
Jodi with Brian Safdari, CEO
College Planning Experts

Jodi Nicholson
& Genessy Rodas Safdari, CFO College Planning Experts

Kevin & Jodi with Dr. Mark Howes

with Jesse Ianniello

with Alice Doughty & Taylor Grant

Jodi Nicholson with Angela Schutz
& Tiffany Walke Peterson

Jodi, Prince & Zach Weinstein

Joe Theismann, Jodi Nicholson & Kevin Klimowski