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Ignite your BIG WHY, your PASSION, and your PURPOSE to realize all of the amazing possibilities that exist within YOU! Together, let's explore them, and bring your personal and professional ambitions to life - let's make them extraordinary - and design and create exactly what it is that you truly want in your life or business. Like ... health, wealth, clarity, balance, happiness, prosperity, and a celebration of success to name a few ... all grounded in your POWER, your essence, and your TRUTH.

Be the person you aspire to be today, and stand in your authenticity ... most 

Imagine what you can accomplish when you clearly identify what is you truly want, and then reveal your true authentic self to actually achieve it. Being personally coached and mentored by Jodi Nicholson ~ The Fabulous Coachwill enable you to connect to your destiny path with clarity, inspiration, encouragement, momentum and enrichment. Learn to do things easier, better, faster and have more fun!

NOW is the time to connect one-on-one with Jodi, an enthusiastic and authentic life coach and entrepreneurial mentor, consultant and success coach. Enjoy a complimentary consultation with Jodi to discuss your goals, get grounded, and on your way to make it a fabulous day!

   "Live the Journey & Feel the Joy!" ~ Jodi Nicholson

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Jodi Nicholson is a best selling author, inspirational speaker, consultant and certified coach (CPC MCSC). She is Founder and CEO of A Fabulous Group, Inc., the parent company to a variety of successful brands, products and services and loves working with companies, private clients and other coaches around the world to help them be their best success by implementing core foundational principles, developing a clear vision and a "do-able" plan for taking massive action. Her unique style and hands-on application of the proven systems for efficiency and simplicity are combined with a little tough love, bringing about the desired results easily -- It's all mixed with her dynamic energy that builds the momentum you need to see your vision through so you can realize your full potential in your life and in your business.

Combined with her entrepreneurial spirit and over 25 years of professional experience her passion for helping others to live their most fabulous life continues to flourish. Her best-selling journal, Reflections In Gratitude ~ A Celebration of Life's Most Fabulous Moments, is a must-have for any one on the journey of gratefulness, success and celebration! 

Whether coaching or consulting, Jodi consistently shows up smiling with her contagious enthusiasm that’s sure to raise your spirits, bring more happiness to your life, add more wealth to your future and inspire you to ...  

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